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Our Story

Welcome to "KnopNet In A Nutshell". Our story is simple: We believe in God's Golden Rule: treat others like you want to be treated. We were tired of being treated like just another userID by some of the giant webhosting companies so we decided to start our own with the intention of keeping the customer base at a size where we can actually provide personalized customer service. So from the very beginning it was decided that KnopNet (previously known as BigWebsites) would be strictly for family and friends...and, well, maybe an occasional friend of a friend. But that's about it. There's never been a large effort to advertise, no intentional submission to Google, we don't even have a Facebook page. We basically depend on word-of-mouth advertising. So if you're reading this we will assume you heard about us from someone you know and not from some internet search engine.

As was mentioned above, we were previously known as BigWebsites.com. Doors were opened in 1998. And as the name suggests, we provided what was considered at that time in the internet's history, large webspaces at below-industry-standard prices. Back then the internet was still relatively new, websites were generally small in size, and webspace was sold at a premium. Everything internet related seemed out of reach for the average person. Steven Knop, founder of BigWebsites, went on a mission to give folks a way to test the waters of this new invention called the World Wide Web without breaking the bank. So BigWebsites.com was born. Our mission remains the same: provide a way for family and friends to enjoy a presence on the internet without having to pay an arm and a leg and make sure they receive better-than-average customer service.

Recently, after retiring with more than 33 years in federal service, Steven felt it was time to revamp...rename...refocus. So KnopNet.com was ramped up and doors were officially opened in August 2017.

We believe we offer some of the most feature-rich and competitively priced website hosting packages available on the market. But please, don't just take our word for it. Do your research. We encourage you to shop and compare...we think (and we hope) you'll come back!

Our guarantee is simple: If you don't love what we offer we'll refund your hosting fees at anytime during the first 30 days, no questions asked. Period.

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